Meet Blanche

The Message

My story is simple.

I’m not a politician; I’m a Pasco resident that works hard to make a living for my family and a difference in my community.

Like many Pasco residents, I’m tired of seeing broad disparities and an overall lack of services for certain populations and areas of town. I’m altogether disheartened by the misrepresentation many of these communities are receiving and I’m not (nor have I ever been) interested in standing idly by.

I believe that direct action has the power to effect real, measurable change. It is due to this that I’ve decided to take the leap into politics and position myself to be the voice that the people of Pasco desperately need.

I know a great deal about the Pasco community.

I’m involved in various civic activities, to include co-chairing Pasco’s Cinco de Mayo event which attracted nearly 20,000 people. I’m also an active volunteer with the Downtown Development Authority and have worked in union organizing for OPEIU local 8 and AFT. Beyond these, I volunteer in the Pasco School system mentoring kids and am a member of various boards that make a positive impact in the community on a daily basis.

I have made it my life’s ambition not to be a statistic among statistics. In this, I work hard to set the bar high not just for myself but for those around me as well. As mentioned, I am not a politician, but I do understand political structure—and it is my objective to become a bridge between this structure and the people of Pasco to ensure needs are getting met and progress is being made.

The Candidate

My name is Blanche Barajas, and I am a candidate running for Pasco City council, District #1.
Blanche was born in Santa Maria, California in 1974 and arrived in Pasco in October of 2005,  having moved here in search of better opportunities and higher quality of life for her growing children.
Blanche is a  mother of 2 teenage young men. Ruben Andres, 18 years old, a recent graduate of Delta High School being part of the first generation to graduate in its new home in West Pasco; and Adrian, 16 years old,  a Junior (soon to be Senior) in high school and member of the Pasco High School Honor Society.

“Education is a priority in our household. I have taught my boys that only through hard work, perseverance and quality education, will they have the proper tools to be successful in life.”


In her spare time, Blanche spends time with her boys taking hikes at Badger Mountain, cross training or boxing. She also enjoys a quiet time at home reading, playing with her dogs or relaxing with friends.

Elected Experience:
  • State Committee-woman 2014
  • Precinct Committee officer 2012-2014

Volunteer Experience:

Community Outreach Specialist, Public Relations, State of WA Licensed Insurance Broker


  • Received Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in 1994
  • Graduated 2013, AAS Criminal Justice from Columbia Basin College